How to plan a trip

How to plan a trip

Of course we all know how to book a trip, but how do you maximise your time in a city? Make the most of seeing all the attractions you want and visiting nice restaurants without wasting precious time? Plan…in advance!

First of all I take to Pinterest. No matter what city you are visiting or however popular, chances are people have already visited and done most of the hard work for you. Create a board and pin away, saving links to blogs for you to read at a later date. Search for the place itself, and also things to do, food, transport, anything you can think of so you have a wide selection of information about your destination.

Once you have all of these, take a notepad, create three sections, Things to do, Food and Tips. Go through each pin you have saved and write down the things you will want to do out of the posts in each section, things to do and food are self explanatory, the tips column is to write down any little pieces of info or ‘secrets’ people may give to make your trip easier.

I then print out a map of the destination and label each of the things to do with a number, and put the numbers on a map. For each day you can then plan which area of a city you can visit and tick off all the things in that area. Do make provisions in time for travelling to each place and time spent in each activity, it’s easy to try and squeeze in too much which I have done very regularly! Finally have a look around if there are any City passes that you can buy which gives you entrance fees into museums, galleries and attractions which usually saves lots of money in the long run if you plan on visiting a multitude of places.

Then for the food, I usually take recommendations from Pinterest and look at the top restaurants on Tripadvisor to plan where to eat in each area for both lunch and dinner. Very rarely would I book lunch but I always book dinner, you don’t want to be disappointed to not get a table in your most desired restaurant.

Travelling around a city we always use undergrounds and train systems as these are usually the most efficient and cost effective ways to travel, and if you haven’t come across others suggestions on how to get around I would suggest researching the different methods and also if there are any multi day passes you can buy these are usually very worthwhile, and can even cover your travel from the airport to your destination in some cities.

If you do all of the above chances are you will have maximised your time, covered a lot more attractions and saved money along the way!

If you have any tips as to how else a trip could be planned I’d love to hear from you, please comment away below!

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