How to get free products by becoming a product tester

I have been testing products for years, I began when I started university after seeing a post on the Moneysavingexpert website and it sort of spiralled from there.

The first company I joined was Clicks Research or Ayton Moon as it was called back then and I still conduct tests for them today their link to sign up is here:

Clicks Research

I have since joined the Alba research panel, various magazine publishers consumer panels (Hearst and Cosmopolitan Magazines to name a couple) , Boots Volunteers and a few independent brand panels such as Sanctuary Spa.

Admittedly it does take a little while to set up individual profiles on each of these sites but once you start testing products and giving them your reviews you will see the rewards, I have tested so many products which have turned out to be hugely popular luxury brands and never payed a penny! I also must point out that I have never been paid for a review, which would be great, but of course reviews would be less likely to be honest and reliable if brands had paid their panels to review products.

I am also signed up to a couple of WOM panels, my favourite at the moment being the Insiders. This panel usually provides a selection or a certain brands new product with discount coupons for you to share with friends and family and they also ask that you share the products on your social media channels to get the word out about a certain product. They even have campaigns for products such as high end electricals, currently I am reviewing a Huawei Mate 20 Pro, and I have previously reviewed its predecessor the Huawei Mate 10 Pro and a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. Now I did have to pay a deposit for the product, if I don’t like it after the review period I can return it, if I do like it, I can keep it and they keep my deposit.

If you have any tips or new panels I might be interested in please let me and my followers know!

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